Check out the Pi-mote control starter kit

4th July 2014
Check out the Pi-mote control starter kit

Here at Energenie, our mission is to make your life a little easier by creating a range of innovative products that can save you energy, reduce your bills and add a little sparkle to your day.

While we can't necessarily prevent you from accidentally stepping on a three-pin plug, we feel as though we can do a little bit to ease the pain of #FirstWorldProblems like this. 

Enter the ​​Pi-mote control starter kit. If you're interested in seeing how the latest technology can transform your life, then look no further. With this product, you can control your electrical sockets remotely, from as far away as 30 metres.

We know you're busy and while you're keen to be efficient with your energy usage and make savings where you can, you don't want it to be a hassle.

So, gone are the days of bending down and trying to find the plugs that are hidden behind numerous wires that you didn't even know existed behind your television. No longer will you have to crawl out of your warm, cosy bed to turn that appliance off at the socket. This is because doors, walls and ceilings are quite simply not a problem for this wonderful piece of technology. With the simple touch of a button, you're done. 

Home automation might seem like years away, but we beg to differ. Regardless of whether you're a technophobe who hopes people are talking about radios when the world 'wireless' is mentioned or you get a little too excited by the prospect of coding, this product is for you. If you're the latter, its potential is only limited if your creative juices are a bit rusty. 

Watch our friend Amy exploring one of the cool possibilities that the Pi-mote Control offers and get yours here so you can start living in the future. It'll be great, not least because you'll start walking around with a smug look on your face because you're winning at life. 

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