Energenie’s MiHome range shines at Gadget Show

30th April 2015
Energenie's MiHome range shines at Gadget Show

This year's Gadget Show Live in Birmingham saw all sorts of innovative and exciting technology being placed under the spotlight.

So we at Energenie were very happy to find that our MiHome system was singled out for praise by one observer.

Jon Martindale of KitGuru described the technology as "quite exciting", since it has the potential to transform how people their homes.

"With a few quick changes to your home’s light fittings, electric sockets and radiator controls, you can adjust temperature and lighting on the fly with an application and view your energy use down to the device level," he observed.

Mr Martindale said it is great to attend technology expos such as the Gadget Show Live to witness new and exciting hardware firsthand.

However, he pointed out that it's also a brilliant opportunity to observe some "rather strange and often intriguing technology that doesn't get quite as much press".

While we're not entirely sure that the MiHome range falls into the former category, there's no doubt that it's an intriguing prospect, since it could radically change how we consume energy and generate considerable financial savings too.

With MiHome systems installed around the house, every aspect of your property can become more responsive to the conditions at any given time and change accordingly.

You'll have unprecedented levels of control over the basic functions of your home – and it might encourage you to embrace a more energy-efficient lifestyle at the same time.

No wonder then that it stood out in a display of all the latest gadgets and innovations. Smarter homes are now a reality and we can't wait to see them become more widespread.

Posted by The EnerGenie

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