Energy-saving gift ideas for the new home

17th December 2013
Energy-saving gift ideas for the new home

Recent economic problems affecting families across the UK have seen many people tighten their purse strings when it comes to splashing out on lavish Christmas gifts. So why not buy something practical and efficient for your loved ones this festive period?

If you know someone who has recently moved into a new home, saving them money on their energy bills will have them thanking you in the long term. Read on for Energenie's guide to the perfect energy-saving products for the home.

Energenie Smart Radiator Valves

Our four-pack of Energenie Smart Radiator Valves come complete with a controller, making them a practical and useful gift idea for new homeowners this year. With this product, homeowners can programme their radiator valves to switch on at certain times at whichever temperature they choose.

The item has the potential to save property owners 25 per cent of electricity, which could lead to considerable savings in the long term. Its precise thermostat reacts quickly, ensuring your loved one's home feels comfortable at all times.

Remote Controlled Sockets

Make life that little bit easier for your loved ones with this four-pack of Remote Controlled Sockets, which ensure they no longer need a clear line of sight to turn off energy-draining appliances.

Ideal for those people with mobility issues, remote control plugs help to switch off items that are located in out of reach places.

Leaving appliances such as the TV and computer on standby overnight can account for as much as ten per cent of energy bills, but with this innovative device, you can make sure that savings are sustainable and easily achieved.

Variable Rundown Timer Plug

The Rundown Timer is perfect for individuals who often have that feeling of worry about leaving their hair straighteners or iron on. This design will switch off the mains power to your appliance after a preset period of 30 minutes, one hour, three hours or eight hours.

Not only does this product turn off after a set period of time, it also switches on. Therefore you can set it to activate certain appliances after any period, allowing you to control gadgets when you are away from your home.

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