Gift ideas for the globe-trotter

18th December 2013
Gift ideas for the globe-trotter

The festive period is well and truly here, which means the rush to purchase the perfect gift is on.

When it comes to treating your loved ones this Christmas, why not buy them something that brings long-term benefits, rather than the usual items?

Avid travellers who want to see the world before settling down could benefit from a variety of products, which will make their lives easier while on the road. Read on for more information about Energenie's top gift picks for globe-trotting individuals.

Worldwide Travel Adapter Set

Everyone knows the feeling, you arrive at your holiday destination and want to plug in your must-have gadgets only to realise you have brought the wrong adapter. Make this problem a thing of the past for your friends and family with our Worldwide Travel Adapter Set.

This item can be used in over 150 countries on six continents. Consisting of five interlocking parts for ideal travel storage, the easy-to-use product separates for simplistic use when you need to utilise it.

ChargeGenie 50 Portable Charger

The ChargeGenie 50 is a compact bank, which includes a battery capacity of 5,000mAh – enough power to charge your smartphone three times and enough to power your tablet.

Its compact and light design means it can fit comfortably into the backpack or pocket of any traveller and means they will never be without charge while on the road again.

With three modes, this product can power most portable devices including smartphones, satellite navigation systems, cameras and tablets – making it one travel companion your friends won't want to be without.

Portable Charger with LED Torch

Combining a portable charger with a long-life torch, this product comes with a battery capacity of 2,200mAh. The torch is both compact and easy to carry, while it can power 90 per cent of popular smartphones and MP3 players – including iPads and iPods.

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