Gifts under £15

19th December 2013
Gifts under £15

Recent economic problems around the country have meant that families have been forced to tighten their purse strings and cut out spending on non-essential items.

Finding the perfect gift on a budget does not have to be difficult, though. There are amazing products out there that don't break the bank, it's simply a case of knowing where to look for them.

Why not help your loved ones save money this festive period by purchasing a gift that will reduce the amount of energy they use? And all for under £15. Read on for Energenie's guide to the best budget Christmas gifts of 2013.

30 Minute Rundown Timer Plug

Perfect for homeowners who regularly worry that they have left their hair straighteners switched on, the Rundown Timer will switch off the mains power to devices after a preset period of 30 minutes.

This item provides a safety feature for cases where household appliances have accidentally been left switched on. A perfect gift for safety-conscious parents, eco-chic teenagers or those who are constantly on the go, the Rundown Timer is incredibly easy to use – making it an ideal gift this Christmas.

Energy Saving Power Meter

For friends who are hoping to monitor the energy usage of their household appliances, the energy-saving power meter could be a perfect gift. It helps homeowners to save money by calculating the costs of running household items.

In turn, owners will see their electricity bills and carbon emissions drop considerably, as they discover ways to limit their use. Any 13 amp-rated appliance can be plugged into the power meter in order to measure its energy consumption.

Automatic Standby Shutdown

Standby Shutdown recognises when homeowners have left an appliance on standby and automatically switches off the main power. This means homeowners can rest assured that their carbon footprint will be reduced and their products are protected.

With 70 per cent of power used by leaving a TV, DVD player or games console on standby, this product is most certainly a worthy purchase.

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