Home automation market tipped for further growth

20th May 2015
Home automation market tipped to grow

We're getting increasingly used to letting technology run aspects of our lives. For instance, our TVs can be set to record our favourite programmes, while sat navs will help those of us who drive to find our way to our destinations.

The fact this technology is being used so routinely is a clear sign that we trust it and are happy to let it perform basic tasks on our behalf.

Some will say then that it's only a matter of time before technology makes its presence felt in other areas. After all, this is already happening to an extent – and innovations such as Energenie's MiHome range look set to make home automation more and more widespread.

So how will this market pan out in the future? According to the latest figures from ABI Research, global revenues from smart home automation systems will go up at a compound annual growth rate of 21 per cent between 2015 and 2020.

Much of this growth looks set to be seen in North America, as this is expected to account for 46 per cent of the global figure by 2020, ahead of Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Interestingly, however, the nature of device adoption is already varying in different parts of the world. 

For instance, figures from ABI Research show that during 2014, security cameras became significantly more popular in North America and western Europe. Devices with embedded motion sensors were in particularly high demand, as they could be used both for home security and indoor activity tracking.

But in China, it was environmental sensors that were fuelling growth in the home automation market, which ABI Research believes could be partly down to growing concern about air quality in the country.

Adarsh Krishnan, senior analyst at the group, observed: "Smart home automation system revenue was primarily driven by mass consumer adoption of smart home security systems, but the market is also witnessing strong revenue growth from the adoption of smart plugs and smoke and air quality monitors."

Here at Energenie, we're especially excited about the potential for growth in the home automation system, not only because it's so convenient to let technology take over basic tasks, but also because it offers many other benefits.

For instance, our MiHome range allows your household to control and monitor your heating, lighting and electrical appliances remotely. With smart technology, these systems will be far more responsive to their surroundings, so you'll find yourself saving money in the long run, as energy won't be being wasted unnecessarily.

A further benefit is the fact it's a modular system, so you don't have to install the whole range if you don't wish to. You can choose which specific elements you want, so if you're happy you got the desired results from your first purchase, you can always move to another element of MiHome if you want.

The fact people all over the world are getting behind home automation is an encouraging sign and suggests that in no time at all, plenty of us will be using smart and inter-connected technology to make our lives so much easier.

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