How home automation can help security

24th February 2015
Home automation and security

Security is often one of the primary worries that homeowners have when they head away on holiday or even just leave the house unattended late at night.

As a result, there are a huge range of products out there intended to make your home better protected and deter any unwanted intruders from gaining entry.

However, with the phenomenon of the Internet of Things (IoT), that whole industry has the potential to be transformed. Homeowners will be handed complete control of the level of security that is in place at their home and the times it is in operation.

What's more, the impact on the environment can be measured much more closely too. Home automation systems are able to gauge the amount of electricity that is used – for example, by a security light – and give the user up to the minute updates on how efficient they are.

This can be especially helpful at larger homes, where residents are likely to have a greater number of these security measures in place at any one time.

Home automation systems can offer a universal control station, which is linked directly to a house's internet router. The signal that is then picked up by a computer, tablet or smartphone can be used to programme all the attached to the network.

This not only means the homeowner can control any appliance at any time, but it also allows them to operate the system from any location, providing it is close enough to be in range of a Wi-Fi signal.

State of the srt technology is now developing to such a level that there are even systems that can effectively trap an intruder in a property once they have gained an entry, making it more likely they could be identified and reprimanded.

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