How investing in home automation could save you money

1st April 2015
How investing in home automation could save you money

We're often promised miracles that can help us save money, but with the cost of living a big issue ahead of the general election in May, it's no surprise that some of us have got a little bit cynical about it all.

But home automation stands to be different in that all the lofty statements about it are actually true! We've already seen to a limited extent just show connected technology can enhance our lives. Just look at how we trust sat navs to point us in the right direction to get to where we want to go.

Similar technology is used in home automation systems, with everything from lightbulbs to refrigerators being Wi-Fi enabled and connected to a home network. This allows the electronic devices in your home to run more intelligently and only do what you want them to do exactly when you want them to do it.

For instance, you'll be keen to avoid wasting money by heating up your entire house when you only need a higher temperature in the living room. And more money is going down the drain if you have the thermostat turned up too high. With intelligent, connected technology, your central heating will analyse the conditions at the given time and respond accordingly. And you'll even be able to control it from afar, via your smartphone, if you wish.

So if you're on your way home on a cold day and you want to enter a nice warm house, simply fire up the app on your handset and use it to switch the heating on to your chosen settings.

Until now, electronic devices have had a fairly one-size-fits-all approach which means they operate as subtly as a sledgehammer. Lightbulbs, for instance, can be blinding when they're switched on, but connected digital technology means they can be far more responsive and intuitive to the prevailing environment. And again, you can control them even when you're not at home. Plus by not having the lights dazzling you and enjoying a dimmer ambience instead, you'll be saving power and thereby saving money.

The whole array of devices can be topped off with a smart energy monitor. If you can see exactly how much power you are consuming day after day, you'll be strongly encouraged to change your own behaviour wherever you can .All the while, the device itself can react and send a signal to connected gadgets to make them run more efficiently when they need to.

It all adds up to a home full of devices that make intelligent decisions about when they operate, how much they power up and are capable of operating at levels other than simply On or Off. While the technology has yet to firmly establish itself in the mainstream, the process of it eventually gaining widespread acceptance has already begun and will inevitably continue in the next few years.

So although there may be a few upfront costs associated with purchasing and installing these systems, it will only get cheaper and – of course – the savings you yield from a smarter, automated home mean they will ultimately pay for themselves.

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