How to make your loved-ones’ lives that bit easier this Christmas

18th December 2014
The Christmas gigs that could make your loved-ones' lives a whole lot easier

We've all been there when it comes to the mad rush just before Christmas and you realise you are completely disorganised, with no real ideas of what you are going to get as gifts for your nearest and dearest. There is one area that is pretty much always a safe choice, however, given the fast pace at which the world of technology is developing.

Smartphones, tablets, laptops and games consoles are great pieces of kit that can provide hours of entertainment over the festive period, but every now and again there is a slight glitch or tiny bit of annoyance that seems to overshadow the whole experience.

As a reaction, there are a wide range of accessories out there that not only enhance the use of these devices in a way that is revolutionary for the owner, but also make great Christmas present ideas for those who are feeling a little bit stuck.

So in order to get those creative juices flowing and give you a bit of food for thought in the run-up to the big day, here are a few gadgets that could make the perfect stocking filler for those struggling to be the best out of the smartphone, tablet or computer.

Remote controlled sockets

It's great to see the kids' faces when they see they've got the new phone or games console that they were after, but if there's a few of them around the house you can quickly find all the mains sockets are loaded up with some kind of gadget or another come Christmas Day.

Obviously this means split adapters are a must, but then there's still the inconvenience of constantly having to stand up and walk over to the socket to swap over the power leads from the various contraptions.

This can become a particular annoyance when you've got a house that is packed to the rafters and a living room that is littered with wrapping paper, selection boxes and whatever other gifts have become strewn all over the place.

However, these clever remote controlled sockets from Energenie offer a smart alternative that means you can operate all the devices you desire from the comfort of your seat, or the solace of the kitchen if you are at a crucial stage of preparing the dinner.

At just £19.99 they represent great value too, so why not consider one of these for your loved ones this Christmas.

Variable Rundown Timer Plug

We've all been there when we leave the house and are racked with uncertainty over whether or not we have left a laptop or hair dryer plugged in. Especially as relatives start to get older, they may find themselves becoming more and more prone to these kinds of dilemmas.

The Variable Rundown Timer Plug from Energenie has brought an end to this problem, however, taking away the burden on the human mind and instead placing it on this cutting edge gadget.

Simply set the timer on the plug device to the hour that you will be leaving the house and the socket will automatically switch off. This will give the user the peace of mind they need to head out without having that bit of doubt that can all too often get in the way of their real priorities. What's more, it's available for just £12.99.

6-way Donut Extension Lead

The aforementioned remote controlled plug socket is all well and good, but if you haven't got enough connections available in the first place, you will still find yourself spending most of Christmas Day endlessly swapping over power leads.

Energenie's 6-way Donut Extension Lead is the ultimate in providing extra plug sockets that are compact and easy to access. This circular device has sockets all around it's interior, meaning it has never been easier to split the power in your living room. At £12.99, it could well make an ideal last minute Christmas gift.

To check out even more products that could make fantastic gifts for your loved ones this Christmas, head to Energenie.

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