iPhone 6 rumoured to have larger 4.9-inch screen

22nd November 2013
iPhone 6 rumoured to have larger 4.9-inch screen

Rumours have begun to fly around about the next iteration of the Apple iPhone just a short while after the release of the 5C and 5S.
A tip to C Technology revealed that the device may have a larger 4.9-inch display, which is almost 25 per cent bigger than the current model's four-inch screen.
The report suggests that Apple is currently testing a prototype of the device, but the tip is short on details so it should probably be taken with a pinch of salt for now.
However, given that Apple's competitors do offer smartphones with bigger screens than the iPhone, it could be an effective way to sway customers on the fence.
There has also been speculation that Apple's new iPhone could feature a particularly resilient display made from sapphire, given the company's recent partnership with the supplier GT Advanced Technologies.
The hardware giant is yet to announce any specific details or officially confirm the next device in the iPhone series, but there could be some strength in these rumours.
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