iPhone 6: The reviews

23rd September 2014
iPhone 6: The reviews

The wait was long – but was it worth it? Consumers across the globe have got their hands on the new iPhone – well, apart from one unfortunate chap in Perth – and are revelling in the joy of playing with the latest innovation from Apple's best brains. 

With a typical hefty price tag and much competition from rival smartphones, the pressure was really on Tim Cook and his team to produce a game changer that would have the likes of Samsung and HTC quaking in their boots.

Here, we'll look at some of the reviews about the phone to see whether or not it matched up to the insane levels of hype it produced.


The fact that Apple was going to produce bigger handsets had been leaked for months beforehand, but what have people thought about the 4.7 and 5.5-inch phones?

With the iPhone 6, Matt Warman from the Daily Telegraph highlights the conundrum between having as big a screen as possible – to watch videos and the like – yet still being able to hold it relatively easily. He says: "Apple comes closest yet with the simple addition of the idea that double-tapping the home button brings everything on screen into the lower half, so that you can easily reach it. It’s an idea of genius that makes a huge difference." David Phelan from the Independent agrees, stating it's "ingenious" and "flawlessly deployed". 

Other general consensus seems to be that the bigger screens are welcomed, despite the fact that this seems to contradict Apple's earlier view that the four-inch screen of the iPhone 5 and 5s was perfect. 


One key change is how the sharp edges to the iPhone have been replaced by softer, more curvy ones, more akin to the iPad.

Mr Phelan says you're able to roll the handset "through your hand like a worry stone" and that it "feels great". 

The iPhone 6 is also thinner and lighter than previous iterations and this has gone down well with reviewers. Charles Arthur from the Guardian points out how Sir Jony Ive and his team has had eight previous attempts at making phones, which means they're now able to get a "real design language together, particularly about roundedness". 

Battery life

Arguably the most important factor has been put to the test to see if Apple has listened to consumers' feedback, as there's no point having a top-end smartphone if it's always running out of battery. 

The Guardian managed to easily get one day's usage out of the iPhone 6 – and sometimes part of the next day, which will be good news for many users. While a lot of this is subjective depending on how much you use it, Mr Arthur speculated he got around 30 per cent more juice in comparison to the 5s. 

Mr Warman agrees, saying this model finally gave him a whole day's usage – whereas many Android phones do not. 


While some may be disappointed that the eight-megapixel camera from the iPhone 5s wasn't upgraded, Apple has still made some key changes and improvements in this area to the new model. 

However, Matt Warman from the Telegraph states the camera is the weakest part of the new model, highlighting its lack of 4K, optical zoom and resolution. 

The Independent praises the addition of Focus Pixels, pointing out how it makes auto-focus much easier and better, while the two-tone flash enhances the overall result. 

Reviewers have generally said the slight protruding of the camera is easy to ignore, despite some concerns that it would be annoying.


So, after an examination of the different features, what do the reviewers say? The Independent would give it six stars if that were possible, the only negative feedback the Guardian states is that it's expensive, while the Telegraph calls it "the best, most beautiful package on the market". 

The learned Stephen Fry calls it "the most exquisite mobile ever made" – and if it's good enough for him, it's good enough for us. 

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