iPhone-connected battery recharger created

16th September 2013
Keep a closer eye on battery charging progress

A new battery charger has been developed which can connect with its owner's iPhone allowing them to monitor how full their batteries are.

While some chargers have a red light when the battery is charging and green when it is full, the SkyRC NC2500 goes further to provide even more data on the process.

It can tell you the status of the charge, the capacity, the voltage, the currency, the time it has been charging and the temperature on the device's built-in LCD screen and on an iPhone connected to it via Bluetooth.

You can even pick what kind of charging process you want for your AA and AAA batteries to undergo, picking between a full charge where the battery is first depleted then charged or just a top up to keep you going.

The SkyRC NC2500 costs $105 in the US, which is £66 when converted, so it isn't cheap. But if you like to take control of your battery charging, then it could be the device for you.

Posted by The EnerGenie

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