Life360: the smart way to stay connected to your family

29th January 2015
Life360: the smart way to stay connected to your family

With social media and a host of new and exciting networking platforms, there have never been more options when it comes to staying in contact with our loved ones, but Life360 is an ever-growing service that is tailor-made for the smart generation.

The platform takes advantage of the Internet of Things – a concept that is constantly developing and could one day can become the basis for the almost every aspect of our daily lives. The idea is that wireless technology can be used to effectively put devices in communication with each other.

In this respect, they are able to interact and take advantage of each other's features, offering a holistic experience at the cutting edge of the industry. But how does Life360 incorporate this and what are the real benefits that family members can expect to enjoy? Here are a few of the main selling points.

Real time location tracker

We've all seen the features that are used by Facebook for tracking a person's location. A user who carries their smartphone around with them can give information about their location whenever they post a status or send a message to a friend.

This can be an interesting and enlightening way to keep tabs on where your friends are currently residing or working, but in all honesty the locations used can be slightly vague and could quickly become outdated if the user is in the midst of a journey.

Life360 uses a much more advanced GPS system, which can constantly track the movements of the people you are in contact with. For example, it could enable couples to see just how far their other half has travelled on their way home from work, or get an idea of when the kids are likely to get home from work.

If a family member is, for example, preparing an evening meal, this feature can be hugely beneficial for planning when it should be served, meaning everyone can arrive back at the ranch safe in the knowledge dinner will be straight on the table.

This might sound like a very simple function – and one that some may even argue seems unnecessary given the fact that we have been verbally communicating this information via phone for decades.

However, when it comes down to it, these are really just based on estimates. The wealth of far more complex data Life360 has regarding impending traffic, road hazards and public transport delays mean that family members can have an up-to-the-minute gauge of loved ones' whereabouts.

Setting location 'circles'

The service isn't solely used for family members. As it has developed, users can now program their account to track different 'circles' of acquaintances at different times.

For example, colleagues from a particular office or department could set up their own circle, giving an accurate reading of when they will be arriving in the office. For some, the thought of bosses knowing exactly how fine they are cutting it could be a little daunting, but on a serious note, the practical benefits in terms of running an efficient and productive business are endless.

This is by no means a finite project, the creators of the app are constantly working on new features that will extend its use and provide even more accurate readings. As a result, Life360 looks like it will only continue to increase in popularity in the coming years, as families become more smart-savvy and the Internet of Things continues its rise to prominence.

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