RF transmitter for Raspberry Pi announced

9th April 2014
RF transmitter for Raspberry Pi announced

If you think the idea of home automation is a long way off, think again.

We are delighted to announce the launch of an RF transmitter we've created in partnership with Raspberry Pi.

It's a simple experimenter add-on PCB board that you put on top of the Raspberry Pi, which can enable you to control your plug sockets, providing you're equipped with our Remote Controlled Sockets

We are pleased to be able to offer customers the ability to take the first step in home automation through this product, which is particularly targeted at hobbyists. 

The RF transmitter is simple to plug in and comes with as many as 16 individual control commands, as well as being OOK and FSK selectable. 

Furthermore, if you're especially tech-savvy, you can use your smartphone to control it, meaning your handset could become even more of a powerhouse than it already is. 

You'll obviously need to have a Raspberry Pi already, which is a computer the size of a credit card. Costing either $25 or $35 (£15 or £21), it needs to be plugged into a TV or PC monitor and does everything you'd expect from a desktop computer. 

It was created to encourage more children to take an active interest in programming and we hope the RF transmitter will be an easy way for youngsters to witness the advancements in technology and increase their curiosity and boost their creativity.

This is particularly pertinent as the national curriculum is changing soon to incorporate programming as a part of children's education. 

We're at the Gadget Show today (April 9th) and will be until Sunday at stall V40. You'll be able to pick up the board for £10 there and meet some of our team. Also, don't forget about the competition we're running, which gives you the opportunity to win a £50 Energenie gift voucher to spend online on any of our products. 

Simply pose for a picture with our Energenie character and get your friends to like it when it goes up on our Facebook page. The one with the most likes will win the voucher.

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