Smartphones and tablets must be charged when flying to the US

7th July 2014
Smartphones and tablets must be charged when flying to the US

New regulations mean that anyone wishing to fly to the US will need to make sure their smartphone, tablet or laptop is charged. 

Such electronic devices need to be able to be turned on as part of the security checks and, if they fail to, passengers will have to leave them at the airport. In addition, such individuals could be subject to secondary screening on US-bound direct flights from Europe, the Middle East and Africa. 

These changes have been authorised by the Transportation Security Administration in a bid to clamp down on terrorist threats. It comes in light of concerns that al-Qaeda may be planning to blow up an aeroplane.

US officials believe bomb makers could be planning to put some form of explosive inside a battery-powered device – like a smartphone – in an attempt to wreak havoc on a plane. Therefore, such products will be subject to further security testing.

Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson told NBC News: "This is not something to overreact to or overspeculate about, but it's something we felt was necessary."

Apple's iPhone and Samsung's Galaxy are thought to be two makes of handsets that are particularly on the radar of US officials, as they seek to enhance customer security. 

It is not currently known which specific airports will be deploying these heightened levels of checks and scrutiny. 

Such a news story highlights the importance of having mobile devices that have sufficient battery life, otherwise you may find yourself waving goodbye to it as you take off. Here at Energenie, we've got a solution that will mean this won't be a problem for you – that is, portable power. Have a look at our range of smartphone and tablet chargers that mean you'll never be without juice, whether it's on a day out with your friends or at airport security. 


Paula Dixon: This is ridiculous. As if airport security wasn't bad enough. Do they really think my phone's a bomb?

Grace Sherman: Hmm, seems sensible. Anything to put my mind at ease is good, to be honest.

James Redditch: My phone's battery is so bad that I think I need to sort it out! Don't want to get caught out. 

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