Smartphones ‘key’ to controlling household goods

8th January 2014
Smartphones 'key' to controlling household goods

Technology experts at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas have hinted that the future of smartphone use could be so much more than browsing the web and communicating with friends.

In fact, some vendors have suggested that mobiles will be utilised for a broad range of additional purposes in the coming years, with users permitted to control household appliances with just one click of a button.

On Sunday (January 5th), hardware accessory developer Belkin announced the launch of a new slow cooker that can be controlled remotely with a smartphone app.

The device, which was created alongside appliance manufacturer Crock-Pot, is set to go on sale in the US over the next few months. It works by connecting over Wi-Fi or a 3G network that can be controlled via an app installed on a smartphone.

Leah Polk, a spokeswoman for Belkin, said: "With this Crock-Pot, it’s just set it and forget it." Using the app, busy individuals can turn off the cooker, set a timer for how long to heat food for and adjust its temperature.

Such an invention is great news for those homeowners who are looking to save energy, as it allows them to switch off the appliance when they are at work or out of the house.

Belkin is looking to introduce the first of many household items that can be remotely controlled via smartphone, which could be good news for more forgetful homeowners who spend their day worrying about leaving their hair straighteners or radiators switched on.

The CES has been full of excitement for technology enthusiasts around the world, debuting a selection of up-and-coming gadgets that will have consumers rushing out to the high street in a bid to be the first to get their hands on them.

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