Snap happy – a look at the iPhone 6 camera

31st October 2014
Snap happy - a look at the iPhone 6 camera

If you want to see just how far mobile phone camera technology has come in recent years, then pick up a new iPhone 6 and get shooting. For starters, the enhanced screen makes it even easier to both frame a picture and to view it back, though the new handset offers much more than this.
Boasting 8 MP of resolution, the latest addition to the iPhone range is more than equal to any other rival high-end smartphone on the market. Such high resolution means small details, such as a car number plate or the face of the singer of a band being photographed from the crowd, can be vividly captured, even from distance.
Furthermore, the camera of the iPhone 6 has won near-universal credit for the way in which it captures colours. Unlike some handsets, which produce manipulated-looking images, especially in bright sunlight, Apple's flagship phone has been praised for its 'real life' hues, with images realistic rather than artificial-looking.
It's indoors that the iPhone 6 really comes into its own, however. While some camera phones struggle to capture sharp images when natural light levels are low, the high resolution sensor fitted into Apple's new handset as standard ensures this is not an issue. What's more, so-called background 'noise' is kept to an absolute minimum, while experts have widely praised the true-tone LED flash fitted to the iPhone, with this allowing it to produce a more natural illumination than nearly all of its rivals.
Even if you're outside in the dark, the iPhone performs admirably. The optical image stabilisation fitted to the iPhone 6 Plus, for instance, lets you take images at low ISO levels and with longer exposures without jeopardising the image quality with an excess of background noise.
And that about video quality? Well, no surprises that the iPhone 6 handles that well, too. While they may lack the sound quality of certain rival devices, both the standard version and the iPhone 6 Plus offer budding Spielbergs extremely smooth videos, with this lack of shakiness apparent even in darker environments.

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