Something for the weekend – a simple Pi-mote mod

11th September 2015
Something for the weekend - a simple Pi-mote mod

If you're a Raspberry Pi owner and you're using an Energenie Pi-mote control board to control the electrical sockets in your home, then we've got a great weekend project for you to try that could help you squeeze even more functionality out of the device.

You may have noticed that attaching the control board to the Pi causes the first 26 pins to be covered, despite the Pi-mote only actually needing access to eight ports in order to function.

However, it is possible to free up unused pins using male to female GPIO jumper wires, which can be purchased online from CPC for only £2.99.

With these, users can keep their Pi-mote installed without mounting it on the main Pi board, freeing up more pins to attach additional sensors or other hardware.

The same approach can be used for the IR Pi-mote and Two-Way Pi-mote, but whichever you use, don't forget to update the reassigned pins in the GPIO pin definition in the python script.

Posted by The EnerGenie

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