Stay in control with the Mi Home Monitor

23rd March 2015
Stay in control with the Mi Home monitor

Do you ever wish you had more control over how you heat your home? After all, the best you can probably do is set your boiler to turn on the radiators at pre-set times.

But this is a bit of a clumsy approach given the technology we have now available to us. Every aspect of our home is becoming more responsive to the conditions at any given time and can change accordingly.

So it makes sense to apply the same principles to heating where we live. Our Mi Home range gives you unprecedented levels of control, so you can heat only the rooms you want to be warmed up, determine what you want the temperature be and when you want them to be warmer.

And for added control and flexibility, you can use a mobile phone app to operate it all remotely.

Perhaps one of the most useful parts of our Mi Home range is the Mi Home Monitor, which records and allows you to keep track of your energy usage.

You'll be surprised to see just how much energy in the home you waste unnecessarily day after day.

When you see it spelt out on the Mi Home Monitor, it'll probably be quite a wake-up call and encourage you to embrace a more energy-efficient lifestyle.

Monitoring your energy usage can be exactly what is required to change your behaviour and help the environment – and the fact it helps you save money at the same time is a definite bonus!

Posted by The EnerGenie

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