Tesco to release its own smartphone

9th May 2014
Tesco to release its own smartphone

Having made a foray into the world of tablets last year, retail giant Tesco is set to release its own smartphone by the end of 2014.

It is believed this move into the saturated market will make the store the first UK supermarket to do so.

Chief executive officer Philip Clarke told BBC Radio 5 that consumers could expect a smartphone to be released towards the end of the year, which would come pre-loaded with Tesco services, such as Blinkbox and mobile banking.

The phone will run Google's Android operating software and is thought to be more towards the higher end of the market, as opposed to its Hudl offering, which is targeted towards those wanting a cheaper device.

However, Tesco's own-brand smartphone is going to be aggressively priced, BBC News reports.

Mr Clarke also revealed how the Hudl 2 would be out in September and that the initial iteration had shipped 500,000 units since its September 2013 release. 

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Peter Simmons: Bet its battery life still won't be very good. 

Julie Edwards: I love the Hudl, although I hope this phone isn't too expensive. 

Natalie Balsted: There's already too many smartphones out there, do we really need another one to choose from?

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