Top gifts for travelling

24th February 2014
Top gifts for travelling

Is a friend or family member about to go travelling around the world? Whether it's interrailing around Europe or spending a few months exploring countries you've only heard about on the news, travelling can be a perfect pre or post-uni gap year activity, summer holiday destination or even a sabbatical idea. Energenie sells some energy-saving products that would be a perfect gift to give to someone about to embark on an adventure of a lifetime.

Travel adapters

Travel adapters are of vital importance, yet can often get forgotten about and hastily bought at the airport for an inflated price. Get organised and choose one of our range that will not only let your travelling friend use their electrical appliances abroad, but will also save energy wherever they are in the world.

For those globe-trotters who will start in one country and have no idea where they'll visit on the way, why not consider buying the Worldwide Travel Adapter Set? This new product can be used in over 150 countries on six different continents. We know that space can be at a premium, particularly when you have to carry your life on your back. This product consists of five interlocking parts, meaning it stores and separates easily.

In addition, all adaptors are fully shuttered and in accordance with local standards and directives, yet the product costs just £5.99! So, no matter where in the world you find yourself, you've got a good chance of being able to plug your laptop or smartphone charger in and update the world on the life-changing experiences you're having!

If you or your loved one know exactly where you're going abroad, then one of our other products might be more well-suited to your needs. The UK to US and Australian Travel Adapter actually does more than it says on the tin – it also works in China, Israel and South America. All you need to do is click the two pins to the correct configuration and your devices can be plugged in and used to your heart's content. 

Interrailing around Europe is a popular destination for many, as it means you can experience as much or as little as you want of various countries. When you think you've explored a certain city enough, just hop on a train and go elsewhere to soak in the sights that Europe has to offer. One vital appliance you'll need in your bag is the UK to European Travel Adapter. This one product will work across the continent – simple.

South Africa is a country with a rich history and often features on people's bucket lists. With sights such as Table Mountain and Robben Island, and a plethora of wild animals, you'll be spoilt for choice. Just make sure you pack the Universal to South Africa Adapter Plug in your suitcase so your gadgets have enough juice to upload your pictures to social networking sites to show your jealous relatives. 

Smartphone chargers

Gone are the days of not being able to contact a friend when they're abroad unless you were willing to rack up a hefty phone bill. With Wi-Fi becoming more ubiquitous, you can maintain contact through apps such as WhatsApp and sites such as Facebook. All this technology is useless, however, if you don't have sufficient battery life in your top-end smartphone. 

If you've got an Android, Blackberry or Windows Phone, then you simply can't do without the Universal microUSB rechargeable charger. If you're meeting up with friends while you're abroad, you have to be contactable unless you want to run the risk of being stranded abroad. This device offers as much as 75 per cent additional battery life to your smartphone and, while it clamps to the back of the device and won't come unstuck easily, it can be removed easily when the phone is fully charged. It only weighs 75 g, with a set of five LED lights that indicates the power level. You'll never be caught with a flat phone battery again with this product.

However, if you've got an iPhone 3, 3G or 4, then we also have just the appliance for you. Portable sleeve chargers are available which can fully recharge of your device. 

Rechargeable AA batteries

If you're using a digital camera that has AA batteries, you don't want to be left with a dead camera and unsure of where you can buy replacement ones. There can't be much worse than seeing incredible sights while you're travelling, but not be able to document them to show off to your friends and put in your house as a memory. These rechargeable batteries can be used in almost any device and before you know it, they'll be saving you money, as well as being better for the environment. You can also buy a pack of ten sets, making it an even better value-for-money purchase.

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