Weird and wonderful ways to use LED lights

25th September 2013
Uses of LED lamps

Given their energy efficient nature and long-lasting diodes, LED lights are only becoming more and more popular. They are also highly adaptable too, allowing for harebrained enthusiasts to really experiment with ways in which to use them. Here are a few of the best ideas.

LED sun for Arctic winters

Lisa Pacini and Christine Istad, two Norwegian artists, set themselves the task of bringing light to places that suffer brutal long winters where the sun barely rises above the horizon, leaving these remote locations facing weeks of perpetual night time. To do this, they created a 3-metre in diameter LED sun sculpture which alternates between a range of warm hues. It sailed the high seas for eight days to Tromso to Kirkenes to Bergen and has been on display in public buildings to bring light to the locals. Now you can find it on display at the Truman Brewery in London as part of the 100% Norway show. Not that our winters are much to get upset about.

Rechargeable emergency LED torch

New York's Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) has created a torch with a built-in rechargeable battery which allows it to be used as a standard LED bulb or an emergency torch with a three-hour use time. It's designed to be used in situations where the power goes out. You can unscrew it from the lampshade, extend its neck for greater ergonomics and make use of its portable power.

Washing machine drum LED lamp

You probably wouldn't look at your old, decaying washing machine and think "you know what, you'd make a great living room accessory". But, thankfully, the thought ran through the head of the designer Willem Heeffer, who has created some very stylish, retro lamps out of the drums of clothes washers. Suspended by three 1mm cables, given one of six trendy powder coated finishes and fitted with LEDs, the lights are ready to give your home that 'upcycled' look you've been craving.

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