What could the ultimate smartphone look like?

26th August 2014
What could the ultimate smartphone look like?

The rapid advances in technology over the last few years has seen so many areas of our lives revolutionised. Whether it's online banking, shopping on your smartphone or being able to work remotely thanks to ubiquitous Wi-Fi and a tablet, so much has changed – and could well continue to do so.

With the much-anticipated iPhone 6 soon to be announced – September 9th is the current rumour – we thought we'd have a think about what the smartphones of the future could be able to do – and what they might look like.

Are you always losing your keys? No biggie…

If your best efforts to get to work on time are always thwarted by your inability to find your house or car keys each morning, then you could soon say goodbye to this panicked moment as you ransack every potential hiding place while trying not to wake everyone else up.

This is because your smartphone could soon replace your keys as you begin to control more aspects of your life through this device. 

So, your main task in a morning will be to make sure your smartphone has sufficient battery power to last you through the day, meaning you can walk into the office with time to make a good brew before your boss expects you to start working.

In fact, the Hilton recently announced it would launch a scheme where smartphones could open hotel rooms, meaning you will no longer have to use those plastic swipe cards to gain access to your temporary home. 

Are you a control freak? 

If you're a self-confessed control freak, then you might be delighted to hear about the much-hyped Internet of Things, which could mean you'll be able to control items in your home with one click on your phone. 

While we're starting to see this with Raspberry Pi products, the possibilities are endless. Want to run a bath but can't be bothered to get up from the sofa? Your smartphone's got it covered. How about if you're out shopping and can't remember if you've run out of milk? What if your handset was connected to the fridge and could show you how much you've got left? There's no end to the wealth of possibilities that could become reality – home automation could be on its way!

No internet? Not any more…

The frustration of not having good 3G or 4G when you're desperately trying to find out how to get somewhere or need to Google something cannot be underestimated. 

Can you imagine what it would be like if no matter where you were in the country – or even the world – you were guaranteed to have superfast internet access all the time? Whether it's called 7G or something else, it's sure to revolutionise those dull holidays where there's nothing exciting to do. 

What will they look like? 

We're starting to see a move away from the conventional phone model with Google Glass and the much-anticipated smartwatch concept. As technology grows and expands, what's to say smartphones will continue to look like they do currently? One idea that's been bandied around is a flexible screen to stop that dreaded spiders' web crack if you drop your handset, which could definitely take off considering how much people are using their devices nowadays. 

Could we get to a stage where everything we need can be controlled by wearable technology? Is it beyond the realms of possibilities for technology to be implanted within our bodies? While this may seem a bit freaky – or simply remind you of Fry from Futurama's destiny to be a delivery boy – it's not completely ridiculous and it would eliminate the problem of you misplacing your smartphone once and for all!

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