What do consumers look for in home automation technology?

30th April 2015
What do consumers look for in home automation technology?

We've been keen to talk up home automation technology in the last few months – especially as we're very excited about our MiHome range.

After all, we think the idea of being able to control the systems in your home remotely and enable them to act more intelligently and intuitively is a massive step forward.

But what do consumers actually want from home automation technology? What features could determine whether or not they purchase a product from this range or stick with their standard home systems?

Well, we think there are a few that people will consider essential if they are to well and truly buy into the principle of home automation.

Ease of use

It probably goes without saying, but just because it's obvious doesn't mean it's not important. In fact, it's often the most obvious things that get overlooked at the design stage. But here at Energenie, we've sought to ensure that you get products that are simple and straightforward. Often with new gadgets and appliances, you feel you need to be a tech industry expert in order to understand the manual, but surely a complex system defeats the object. We want to open out home automation to more people, so it simply has to be easy to use for everyone, even those who have never even seen smart technology before.

Accessible from mobile devices

This is one of the main selling points of home automation technology, particularly the products in the MiHome range. By being able to control devices such as the thermostat via a smartphone or tablet, you're better placed to create an environment that suits you. For instance, if you've been caught out by cold weather on your way home, simply pull out your handset, fire up the app and set the heating to an appropriate temperature ready for when you get through the front door.

Seamlessly integrated

If you're investing in various MiHome products, you'll want them to work alongside each other in perfect harmony. Since they make use of pioneering Internet of Things technology, this is exactly what you'll get. MiHome offers a seamlessly integrated network of technology that allows you to monitor and control everything from the lights to the temperature in your home. 


For all the talk of Britain's recovery from recession, many of us are still feeling the pinch, so if we're going to invest in new technology for the home, it needs to be affordable. But we're not just talking about money here. New gadgets can't guzzle energy if we're looking to reduce our outgoings and carbon footprint, but the MiHome range has been designed exactly with this in mind. Energy efficiency and encouraging users to become more energy aware are both  priorities, so you can be more economical with your power and avoid spending money on utility bills if you can possibly help it.

The MiHome range covers everything from light switches and wall sockets to adaptors and radiator valves, so if you install these products in your home, we're confident you'll never look back!

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