What does the Apple iPad Air have to offer?

23rd October 2013
The new iPad Air

Apple has announced the next-generation of its iPad – the Air. The superlight, slimmed down version of the tablet is striving to match consumer demands for more compact devices.
The Air has a 9.7-inch screen, is 7.5mm thick and weighs 470g, which makes it the lightest tablet on the market, according to Apple, and 20 per cent slimmer than its predecessor.
The all-new Retina display, which offers a sharp resolution of 2,048 by 1,536, provides even greater detail for users. Underlined by the new iOS 7 software, you could argue that using an Apple iPad has never been more pleasing to the eye.
Its other features include the same A7 chip used by the latest iPhone 5S model to provide utmost speed, ensuring apps run at lightning quick pace and the user experience is incredibly responsive. Meanwhile, the quality of the graphics has reached a level previously only seen on consoles and desktop computers.
The advanced wireless connectivity makes sure that when accessing the internet, the experience is as fast as possible. Wi-Fi is up to two times faster than the previous model, reaching speeds of 500Mbps, thanks to the two antennas and multiple-input multiple-output technology.
“As expected, Apple took some cues from the iPad Mini in launching the new iPad Air, which is thinner and lighter, while adopting many of the internal improvements first seen in the iPhone 5S," said Jan Dawson, chief telecoms analyst at technology analyst firm Ovum.
"This represents a good enough boost to the previous version to trigger good upgrade sales and get iPad shipments growing again, which was a key objective for this launch. This is the clearest statement Apple could have made that it is only interested in competing in the premium tablet space.”
Alongside the launch of the iPad Air, Apple also revealed the new iPad Mini, which boasts the same high-pixel Retina display as the Air, but comes in a more compact size – the screen is just 7.9-inches.


Posted by Oliver Tadd

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