What is the iPhone 6 battery life like?

29th October 2014
What is the iPhone 6 battery life like?

Amid all the excitement of the new iPhone, there was one question at the very front of everyone's mind – what is the battery life going to be like?

This is for a few reasons. Firstly, as the smartphone is fulfilling an increasing number of roles in everyday life, consumers are using it more and therefore the battery will run down quicker. Especially when out and about, a flat battery can be anything from an annoyance to a serious issue. 

Secondly, there have been specific issues with the iPhone's battery, especially when users update the iOS software. As iPhones tend to be towards the higher end of the price range, consumers are not happy with a dead smartphone and it is an issue that Apple is aware that it needs to address. 

It's always hard to ascertain just exactly what the battery life is, because it fluctuates depending on what you use your device for. The size – measured in mAh – doesn't mean anything to the majority of people, so the standard practice Apple employs is to break it down into certain categories.

Here is what the iPhone 6 promises, with the respective figures for the iPhone 5s in brackets. There will be as much as 11 hours Wi-Fi browsing (10) or watching HD videos (10), 10 hours on 3G (8) and 14 hours of talk time (10). 

As we can see, this is a noticeable improvement on the previous iteration and it is worth pointing out that these statistics are significantly higher for the iPhone 6 Plus. For instance, you can get up to 24 hours of talk time and 14 hours of watching HD videos. 

However, sometimes consumers find their actual battery life span is lower than these figures and it can be the source of much frustration. There is also an issue in that consumers are preferring larger-screened handsets, but the larger the size the more juice the phone uses. 

TrustedReviews put the phone to the test to see if the stats from Apple matched reality. The reviewers found they could get 35 hours of low to mixed usage out of the device, with 14 hours of using it constantly. 

"You can eek two days of life out of it if you're very careful, but on most days you'll head home after work with between 30 to 60 per cent of your battery left depending on how much you use it," they wrote. 

The reality seems to be that as long as a phone lasts the day, this is adequate because it's simple enough to charge one's device in the evening, ready for the next day. 

TechRadar's reviewer lost 67 per cent of the battery after 13 hours of light to medium use, but pointed out that any "graphically intensive games" drained the juice quicker than he would have thought or liked. 

Nevertheless, the review said: "In summary, the battery life of the iPhone 6 is something I'd call more than adequate, which isn't a compliment I'd pay previous versions of this phone."

This seems to be the opinion shared by many – while it is definitely better than the iPhone 5s and earlier models, there is still work to be done. 

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