What’s under the hood of the iPhone 6?

31st October 2014
What's under the hood of the iPhone 6?

As you'd expect, the iPhone 6 is a smart-looking device. Wisely, Apple have clearly decided against tweaking their iconic design too much, with the handset only too familiar to those who know, and love, the ground-breaking smartphone.
But don't be fooled, the iPhone 6 is not just a slimmer iPhone 5 with curved edges. Underneath the hood, the phone has been given a thorough revamp, with specs that are more than a match for its main rivals.
Notably, any concerns that beefing up the screen size would eat up the processing power were dismissed as soon as the handset was launched. Apple's newest phone is equipped with a new A8 chip, with a dual-core processor and 1 GB of RAM ensuring that, not only is the phone the 'fastest' on the market when it comes to getting apps up and running, but it's also easily able to deal with several tasks at once.
Indeed, such is the multi-tasking capacity of the internal processors, there's no need to reload apps when skipping from one to the next, as is the case with several other rival handsets. In practice, this means users can skip between email, games and calls without missing a beat.
As well as handling apps, the iPhone 6 is also well-equipped to deal with downloads. In fact, the smartphone can support more LTE bands than any rival device, ensuring enhanced roaming abilities, while once connected to Wi-Fi, users are able to enjoy download speeds three times as fast as those offered with the iPhone 5.
Driving the user experience is iOS 8, Apple's most advanced mobile operating system. Specially designed to make full use of the new, larger display, according to the manufacturer, this makes everything "feel bigger and better", with a host of specialist reviewers backing this claim up.
One other notable feature of the iPhone 6, and especially of the larger iPhone 6 Plus is that, despite the heightened processing speeds and the new-look Retina HD display screen, the battery life has been extended even further, quite simply meaning you are now able to do more for longer.

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