Why collaboration is key for IoT to succeed

19th January 2015
Why collaboration is key for IoT to succeed

According to excitable industry experts, the Internet of Things (IoT) could be worth as much as £71 billion in three years time, but there is a feeling that this is very much still up in the air.

That figure is a kind of best case scenario that hasn't exactly been plucked out of the air, but it certainly isn't a banker. The potential of the technology involved to make our lives more convenient – and according to most, therefore better – is undeniable, but the onus very much lies with the corporate players who are leading the charge.

There has already been talk that Samsung's bid to try to buy out Blackberry is an attempt to harness a tighter grasp on IoT connectivity. But overall, it will take a bit more than that to really get the concept into full swing.

Instead, it may well be the case that to get the best out of IoT, businesses must leave behind the dog-eat-dog attitude that is synonymous with their dealings and favour an approach that requires them to stop, look and listen to what their traditional competitors have to say.

The name of the game over the coming years should really be collaboration, with firms coming together to see how their particular expertise can benefit the greater good in terms of IoT.

Many of the issues that are holding back the progression of IoT right now relate to standardisation. There are a host of tech firms – all with different approaches – that are vying for partnerships with various manufacturers in a bid to make sure it is them who make the next up and coming product 'smart'.

But this leads to a lack of standardised software and an inability for some devices – however closely related they may be in a practical sense – to connect. The reality is that for IoT to really take off, the world of business has to look at the bigger picture.

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