Will it pay to have an iPhone?

28th October 2014
Will it pay to have an iPhone?

One of the exciting new features about the iPhone 6 is Apple Pay. 

There had been much speculation that this would grace the new iteration of the handset and fans would only have been disappointed about the fact it will only be available in the US for the time being. 

However, assuming it is rolled out across the pond in the coming year, this could revolutionise not only how individuals use their phones, but also how we pay for goods and services.

Using your iPhone – and Apple Watch, when it's released – you can purchase items at shops and supermarkets without having to get your credit or debit card out of your wallet and enter your pin number. 

This works through Touch ID – you'll put your device on the sensor by the till and touch the fingerprint scanner to identify yourself.

Although the smartphone already carries out a multitude of functions, this appears to be another string to its bow.

It's powered through something called Near Field Communications (NFC), which has been around for a while. It's the reason why key fobs and Oyster cards are able to work.

Naturally there have been some security concerns about this innovative payment solution, especially in relation to data protection and privacy. 

Senior vice-president of Internet Software and Services​ at Apple Eddy Cue said: "Cashiers will no longer see your name, credit card number or security code, helping to reduce the potential for fraud.

"​Apple doesn'​t collect your purchase history, so we don’'​t know what you bought, where you bought it or how much you paid for it."

If your iPhone goes missing for whatever reason, you can quickly suspend payments by using Find My iPhone. 

While the UK has a bit of a wait until this technology makes it to our shores, it's definitely one that's worth it. 

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