Will you invest in a smart home kit in 2015?

30th December 2014
Why smart home kits could take off next year

With the arrival of the new year now tantalisingly close, attention in the tech world has turned towards the innovative creations that could enhance our home lives no end.

One area that now seems to constantly find itself at the forefront of research and development is the concept of the smart home. Most of us probably already have some form of smart technology in our possession, whether it be a mobile phone, tablet or TV, but we have got to a stage where this is now just the tip of the iceberg.

Moving forward, it appears synchronising these devices and making them jointly applicable to our daily lives could become the norm in the home. This is where the new smart home kit that is to be launched by manufacturer littleBits comes in.

The DIY approach

There is no set way to apply the kit to your home. It is made from small multi-coloured building blocks that can be attached to internet routers, ethernet cables and stationary devices in whatever combination the user chooses. In a sense, this means you are creating your own mini forms of hardware.

The benefits thereafter are endless, but could bear varying relevance depending on your particular home situation.

For example, the kit can remotely hook you smartphone up to your washing machine, allowing you to receive a text alert when your laundry has finished its cycle, wherever you are.

Ever wonderred who might have called around at your house while you have been out? The kit also gives an option of syncing your doorbell to send an SMS to your phone every time someone rings it.

Pet owners could also see their lives greatly enhanced by the new technology. The equipment can be used to send alerts about feeding times or even record any atypical behaviours displayed by animals when they are home alone.

Given that the product is in its infancy, it is hard to tell just how much it will catch on in 2015. But to learn more about how home automation could make your life easier, why not check out the huge range of options offered by Energenie.

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