Xiaomi joins the home automation battle

30th December 2014
2015 looks set to be a good year for Xiaomi

Home automation is a subject that is being hotly discussed by experts in the tech market, but it is still an area that is very much under development.

The mainstream rise of smartphones and other handheld devices over the last few years has led to many inventions and apps intended to make daily life easier. This has seen industry leaders like Apple and Samsung attempt to tap into the concept before anyone else, but there have been few inventions that could be described as revolutionary.

Some of these products may well be hugely beneficial for almost all of their customers, but the price of them when they first go to market can often prove a stumbling block.

However, a start-up that has been dubbed one of the most upcoming tech firms on the planet has now entered the playing field with a smart home service that could provide a viable and affordable alternative.

Xiaomi was launched in China as recently as 2010, but having just received a huge boost of $1.1 billion (£709 million) in funding, it could become a major player sooner than first thought.

One reason for this increased confidence is its new home automation set, which includes four components – the Ants Webcam with two-way voice, Mi Smart Power Plug, Yeelight smart bulb and the the Mi Smart Remote Centre hub.

Central to the invention is a new power saving plug device, which means the environmentally-conscious among us needn't worry about the amount of juice that could be sucked up and the energy that will be used by automating the home.

Meanwhile, the kit allows the user to hook up a huge range of devices to their smartphone, meaning whether you are cooking a meal, doing the washing or monitoring infants, keeping on top of your daily routine has never been easier.

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