10 ways to get the most out of your MiHome Wifi Smart Plug

13th May 2019

The MiHome Wifi Smart Plug is an easy-to-use introduction to the world of smart home automation because it can function independently but also easily integrate into the MiHome range of smart home products. You may only own one MiHome Wifi Smart Plug or you may have one in every room but our top tips will help you to get the most out of your Wifi Smart Plug however and wherever you’re using it.

1. Wake up with smart tech

Use your smart plug to wake you up in the mornings by scheduling it to switch your bedside radio on or switch the coffee machine on. With less to worry about in the mornings you’ll be able to save time and get to work without stressing you’ll be late!

2. Keep your home safer

If you’ve ever left the home with the worry you’ve left your straighteners on again or the iron on, Wifi Smart Plugs offer peace of mind – with a simple swipe you can remotely switch the appliance off through the MiHome app.

3. Add convenience to every room in your home

Chances are you are already using your MiHome Wifi Smart Plug for just this reason but have you thought about the variety of ways in which you can use your smart plug throughout your home? A recent MiHome survey and competition conducted on social media on how people use their Wifi Smart Plug demonstrated the most popular appliances it was used for was switching lights and lamps on and off, turning the TV and iron on and off, powering laptops and tablets, getting the kettle on for your morning tea and switching the electric fan on for those hot summer days!

4. Save energy and money with easy scheduling

Using the MiHome app you can schedule when devices should shut down or start up. This way, power-hungry devices don’t consume energy and your money when not in use. A great way to use this is to schedule the TV to only be on at certain times of the day so that it doesn’t use up energy all day. It’s estimated that if used in the right way, smart plugs can reduce your energy consumption by between 1 and 4.58 percent

5. Control children’s TV and console time

Another great way to use the MiHome Wifi Smart Plug is to manage the amount of time yours kids spend watching TV or using their games console. Simply schedule the times you want via the MiHome app and you have an instant way to ensure your kids have plenty of time away from the screen!

6. Appear at home while you’re away

It’s holiday season and burglars often target homes by looking for signs that it’s empty, such as lights being off for days and televisions and other appliances switched off for long periods of time. Use your MiHome Wifi Smart Plug to improve your home security by using the MiHome app to schedule your lights and appliances to go on and off during the day so it looks like you’re still at home.

7. Start dinner while you’re at work

What better way to return home from work then to have dinner ready and waiting for you? Simply prepare your ingredients in the Slow Cooker before you leave in the morning and you can activate it remotely via the MiHome app to ensure you have a delicious meal to come home to.

8. Use voice controls to manage your devices

The MiHome Wifi Smart Plug is ideal for anyone needing a hand with switching their hard-to-reach appliances on and off remotely. Once your MiHome Wifi Smart Plug is paired to the MiHome App you can activate and deactivate connected appliances by voice command using Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

9. Remotely recharge device batteries

Get handy jobs done at home whilst you’re at work or out for the day. Connect your vacuum cleaner or garden trimmer’s rechargeable battery and when you return home, you’re ready to mow the lawn or give the carpets a quick vacuum before the family get home.

10. Look for smart design

The MiHome Wifi Smart Plug has a specially designed shape so when it’s plugged in to a double socket, there is space for other plugs to sit next to it. This means it can be used all over the home and in hard-to-reach outlets unlike other similar products in the market, so if you’re thinking of investing in more wifi smart plugs for your home this is another reason to buy the MiHome Wifi Smart Plug.

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