Alan Sumner: A Very Happy Customer

2nd December 2016

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Alan Sumner is one of Energenie’s customers and is dedicated utilising the MiHome range to its full potential. Here he briefly talks about how MiHome has changed his home life as well as how effective the system is with Alexa. Alan is also dedicated to providing vlogs showcasing how the system is integrated in his home and how well it has been utilised and used to a very high potential.

Here’s what Alan has had to say:

“Looking for the right solution for our connected home, or should I say our Smart home, or even our AI home. Well it wasn’t easy, with the market full of different gadgets Wi-Fi kettles smart bulbs and even smart fridges and washers. And all I could see was the ability to walk and talk my way through my home and control everything by voice. After our research and development exercise and a bit of brain storming with the family we decided to go down the Energine MiHome route of smart switches and sockets, we knew that these would be future proof and were really impressed with the stylish design and sleek look of the range, we got the bundle pack at the start and couldn’t believe how quick and simple we got the Gateway up and running and talking to our phones. We were aware that Energine were looking at sitting these products on the Amazon Echo platform via a skill so we were so excited and decided to roll it out right through our home. Well it happened and we can’t believe the transformation this has made to our home, they really do work seamlessly together with very little effort you can have your AI home up and running in minutes no picking up your phone to control them just simple commands like “Alexa turn on the kettle” or “Alexa switch on the electric blanket”. The outcomes of our project have given us far greater expectations than we ever believed possible.”

Alan Sumner

IT communication specialist

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