CES Readers Digest Day 1

4th January 2017


With the start of CES this week, we at Energenie are looking into some of the biggest tech news to come through. This includes massive breakthroughs, new innovative ideas and just some simply stunning product design! Throughout the week, we will be discussing the certain products that catch our eyes and provide our own thoughts and opinions. We want to help keep you in the loop with CES and with our commercial director Oliver Tadd, alongside technical director Colin Howlett attending the event, we are able to get all the best news, reviews and gossip coming out of the world’s biggest tech show.

In today’s digest, we look at some of the products that will be featured at the show and two that have really grabbed our attention, including a home health service device that will save consumers so much time and money! Also, a device using gesture control that makes things a thousand times easier when your hands are full. Here’s what we’ve been reading:

Is it the year of the robot?

As read in the BBC, the headline “Year of the Robot?” cropped up and made for some interesting reading. They decide to look at “Olly”, a table top robot emulating from London based tech company “Emotech”. The Olly is programmed to recognise different household members and adapts its own personality to suit each member of the house. This just shows how robots are going to be a prominent thing of 2017, with 2016 being so focused on virtual and augmented reality. With the Olly still in development and having received £8.2m of financial backing from China, there’s evidence that the biggest manufacturing economies in the world will be looking into robotics for the year.



Voice Control and More

With 2016 being such a breakthrough year for voice control with the recent UK release of the Amazon Echo, tech manufacturers are looking at alternative aspects of control. This brings us onto “Bixi”, a French start up that will be making the case in regards to gesture control. They have plans to release a device that really does control things with the wave of a hand. The unnamed gizmo can connect to smartphones and tablets and coordinates gesture control. Given examples of when this can be used is when you’re reading a recipe of your tablet and you’re cooking at the same time. With your hands probably dirty and not wanting to touch the screen, you simply just wave your hand to gesture the page to turn on the recipe. No more wiping gunk of your iPad screen after making a mess of that stunning red velvet cake that you somehow ruined. The good think about gesture control, is that Energenie can look into incorporating this technology with our products. Want to turn your light off? Clap! How clichéd, but it would be cool nonetheless. But this could also be a functional tool for mobility restricted people who simply can’t access the light switch, or can’t reach their smartphone, and could open up a whole can of opportunities for disability assistance.

Home doctor

Also at CES, we have an Israeli start up, looking at making a multi diagnosis device that saves trips to the GP. The technology was designed to save both time and money. As you know, we are fortunate enough to receive free healthcare here in the UK through NHS, but countries such as the US, have to pay huge bills just for a visit to the ER. That’s where the “TytoHome” comes into action. The device is designed to let families take heart, lungs, throat, abdomen and other organs’ readings and send them to clinicians. It uses the slogan “check-up without the check-in”, and although it seems a fantastic idea, it may require a lot of convincing to get the medial sector behind this. The problem with this, is that it’s such a risky area of the market to approach, but at the same time, it’s an area that really does need improving in this respect. With the device able to diagnose, communicate with clinicians and get prescriptions pinged straight over to the pharmacy, it seems like it could save so much time and could potentially free up the doctors for the real emergencies.



So, that concludes day one of our digest. Pop by every day to keep up to date with the latest gizmos and gadgets coming out of CES, with more product reviews, opinions and live photography, we are your companion for the CES show. See you guys tomorrow!

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