CES Readers Digest Day 2

5th January 2017


Welcome to day two of the CES digest. Just one day into CES 2017 and already we are starting to see some of the different technologies that are beginning to dominate the event. These include the ever-continuing rise of VR as well as the new development of the self-driving car. This edition also looks at the story of a brave young man, looking to make a massive impact in CES on his own. We also look some of the more novel ideas such as smart jeans that give you directions and a smart hairbrush that can detect damaged hair. All of this to follow…

VR/AR and Self Driving Cars

2016 was dominated by VR and AR, from Oculus Rift to the widely-downloaded Pokémon Go, these different forms of reality have really blown up. People seem to be excited of the fact that they can alternate the way they view the world around them, which makes the case for people to explore different worlds. An article in Sky News looks into this VR/AR dominance and combines it with the rise of the smart car. They say that these kinds of technologies will change how we live our lives. However, the introduction of the self-driving car is the biggest breakthrough so far that is dominating the event. Major motor manufacturers are looking for synergies with huge tech companies to merge two massive components of the everyday human life. Tim Stevens, editor in chief to CNET, a tech review site, said that “We’re seeing partnerships between companies like Ford and Amazon, and Hyundai made an announcement with Google, so you can control your smart home from your car and your car from your smart home.” This is further enhanced with the release of Start-up Faraday Future’s FF91 which is intended to be the fastest electric car on the market and has a self-driving feature as well as face recognition. It is a car that looks to compete with the Tesla’s and BMW i8s of the electric supercar market.


Other Novel Ideas

Alongside the big revolutionary breakthroughs at CES, there is also the more unconventional products that aim to wow and please the crowds. The first one of these is a pair of smart jeans. No, they don’t zip themselves up unfortunately, but what they do is connect to your smartphone in order to aid navigation. The vibrators on each side of the jeans inform you what direction to turn at what time and location, this saves you looking at your phone during navigation, however there are questions as to how this would work in a real-life environment. And just when you think no other product can be smart, L’Oréal have released a smart hairbrush to detect breaking and damaged hair. It used acoustic sensors in the bristles to notice when hair is damaged and also vibrates when you brush too hard. However, this little gadget will set you back at around £160, which maybe a bit that what people expect to pay for a hairbrush. There is also a speaker device that allows children to customise bedtime stories, which looks soothing and functional for parents. However, there is the argument that this results in children losing bonding time and connection with their parents.


Danny Manu

A young man with a huge amount of courage, Danny Manu is the lad looking to take CES by storm all on his own. He has developed a device called the “Clik” that acts as a real-time translator so that you can have conversations with people who do not speak the same language as you. What the device is, is a small earbud that sits in your ear, and as someone speaks to you in their mother tongue, you hear it translated to you almost immediately in your mother tongue. A fantastic concept with real potential, and although Danny did not manage to provide a prototype in time for the show, he still brought a conceptual demonstration of the technology, showing how it works using his iPad. Conceptual ideas such as smart earphones and instant translations is something that huge companies such as Apple and Google are heavily investing in, so surely one young lad from Manchester can’t do this on his own? For Danny, it is still early days, however he has recently signed a deal with Chinese manufacturer “Foxconn” to bring his idea to life and complete his extraordinary journey. Let’s hope that he impresses everyone at CES and his dream idea can become a reality.


This concludes day two of the digest. As you can see, CES is in full swing and there really are some exciting ideas coming out of the show, some more unorthodox than others. You already know what to do, pop by every day to keep up to date with the latest gizmos and gadgets coming out of CES, with more product reviews, opinions and live photography, we are your companion for the CES show. See you guys tomorrow!

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