CES Reader’s Digest Day 3

6th January 2017


We have arrived at day three of our CES digest. In two days, we have seen some truly revolutionary ideas and products coming out of the event, as well as some unorthodox, but functional concepts. We have seen that the VR/AR technologies are dominating proceedings as well as the self-driving car. There have been some interesting start-ups as well as some brave entrepreneurs looking to go toe to toe with the big companies. Today, we overlook what is in the show and unravel what some of the big companies are doing. We will talk about companies such as Casio, Hyundai, BMW, Panasonic and Sony, all of which are doing very exciting things this year.

The Big Boys

So, as you would expect, there are some huge companies at CES 2017, one of which is car giant BMW. What BMW are looking to release into the limelight is a prototype of their 7-fully automated sedan. What this is looking to include is a futuristic cabin that contains holographic displays, gesture control and more in order to give drivers the ultimate experience in the future of the automotive industry. Another tech giant participating in the show this year is Sony, who are mainly looking at focusing on display technology with their televisions. Sony have looked at Crystal LED integrated structure display. These superfine LED structures serve as a light source, which makes it virtually impossible to see its pixels. Another company who have jumped on the self-driving car bandwagon is Toyota, who have released Concept-i, a self-driving car which allows passengers to interact with the car’s artificial intelligence. This intelligence (named Yui) is designed to anticipate the driver’s needs, measures emotions and responds automatically. LG, the TV and entertainment system experts have also impressed the crowds at CES. They have gone in with the intention of making the world’s thinnest television. That’s where the Signature OLED TV W, or what they like to call as “The Wallpaper TV” is a 65” model with the minuscule depth of only 2.57mm, which is one tenth of an inch. The TV is designed to have no gap between the display and the wall, which really does give you that cinematic feeling. Finally, Panasonic have released a camera. The Lumix GH5 mirrorless camera which excels at shooting video and has 4K and 6K capabilities.


Other Inventions

In more VR news, Japanese gadget-maker Cerevo, have released a pair of virtual reality shoes that let the wearer feel textures underfoot. They are designed to use vibration technology to fool the feet in order to give the impression of walking in other environments. There has also been a way of playing virtual reality without a headset. A virtual reality booth has been created that allows people to play video games without having to wear a headset, and this is one of a large volume of video game products being showcased at CES. Away from the VR world, where a French start-up has developed a “smart” aromatherapy diffuser. The device named “Aromacare” uses your smartphone to control smells. However, there is the argument that questions if there really is demand for smartphone-driven smells. Also, in a world where everything is smart, a start-up has also taken a step into solving the problem of pollution. The intention is to keep cyclists’ lungs clear, without forcing them to compromise on fashion. Wair’s smart scarf fights pollution with fashion and also sends alerts to a connected smartphone. Just when you thought nothing else in your house can be smart, behold the smart rubbish bin. No serious, a crowdfunded dustbin gadget has been developed. The “GeniCan” logs the items that you throw away in order to create shopping lists and keep you up to date when you do your weekly shop. Next, we’re just waiting for smart underwear…

So, this concludes day three of the reader’s digest for CES. With some really novel ideas coming out of the blue and competing with the big boys, it is going to make for interesting viewing as to where and who gets the funding. You know what to do, pop by every day to keep up to date with the latest gizmos and gadgets coming out of CES, with more product reviews, opinions and live photography, we are your companion for the CES show. See you guys tomorrow!

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