CES Reader’s Digest Day 4

6th January 2017


Day four here at CES and we are seeing just how the event is unfolding. We have had some inspirational individuals, exciting start-ups and cool concepts so far. In today’s edition, we are looking at the launch of wireless charging, recording toothbrushes and smart beds (yep, more smart objects for you guys). We are going to look at some of the more domestic devices to come out of the event and just how they can change the way you live your lives at home.

Wireless Charging

We are living in the wireless generation, where wires are constantly being cut from our everyday lives, wireless games controllers, wireless internet, wireless printers. These are really helping us keep our homes more tidy and organised, and even safer, with less wires that cause tripping hazards and fire danger. Well now tech giant Dell have released the Latitude 7285, a convertible two-in—one Windows 10 computer that gets its power from a desktop wireless charging pad, and Ford announced it would be conducting tests of wireless vehicle charging. However, there is a four-year-old company that look to usurp this. Energous, a CES regular, had something to show of its WattUp wireless system, which beams power to devices using radio frequencies, rather than the magnetic induction used in the contactless charging of certain smartphones of the past few years. Therefore, it allows the wireless charging of your smartphone through small, portable, contact-based transmitters.

My Toothbrush is Watching Me

Ever wondered what the inside of your mouth looks like whilst you’re brushing your teeth? Nope, me neither. However, the guys over at “Prophix” have come up with a solution for this. The Onvi Prophix toothbrush It has a camera that streams live video to a smartphone app, enabling the user to see inside their mouth as they are brushing. “This allows them to see what’s going on and empowers them,” said Craig Kohler, the inventor of the Prophix. “You wouldn’t shave in the dark,” he added, which seemed to make sense in an it’s-hard-to-argue-against-that kind of way. The video toothbrush comes with four different heads, Kohler said. He also said that “people with crooked teeth” — this prompted this British reporter to clamp his mouth shut — can buy special crooked-teeth brush heads. The Prophix is due to go on sale in the fall, priced at £322, which is a lot of money for a toothbrush, so this may deter people actually buying the product.

The Best Night Sleep Ever?

Ever struggle to fall asleep at night? If so, then this next product may be perfect for you… if you have around $7000. The Sleep Number 360 bed reacts to a person’s sleeping position during the night, and claims to be able to prevent snoring. So, this just shows how smart objects are even affecting whilst while we sleep, and they really are changing the way we live our lives.

So, this concludes day four or our digest, with some big developments being launched. There is growing evidence that smart technology is affecting how we live our lives, both domestically and socially. Stay tuned for more news. You know what to do, pop by every day to keep up to date with the latest gizmos and gadgets coming out of CES, with more product reviews, opinions and live photography, we are your companion for the CES show. See you guys tomorrow!

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