CES Reader’s Digest Day 5

9th January 2017


As CES 2017 draws into a close, so does our daily digest. We have seen some truly extraordinary gadgets in development and some massive improvements on existing products. With the automotive industry seemingly at a standstill before the turn of the year, CES has really seen car tech take the spotlight. From self-driving cars to the fastest electric car in the world, in-car automation was a massive part of the show. We have also seen the continuous growth of the smart market, which some very unorthodox products becoming smart, such as beds, toothbrushes, jeans, hairbrushes and even rubbish bins… yes that’s right, rubbish bins. However, the last day of our digest intends to bring you over some of the best highlights of the show as well as cover the last day of the event and some of the most innovative products to be launched.

Finger Phone

Remember that old cliché where you make the phone gesture with your hand? You know the one, finger is the speaker and thumb becomes the microphone. Well that old cliché is about to become a reality. A strap which effectively turns one of your fingers into a phone – which can send and receive calls -has been developed. The strap sends vibrations down the wearer’s hand and can be fitted to any watch. The vibrations allow to you press your finger to your ear in order to hear the voice on the other end of the receiver and if hooked up to a smart watch, then the possibilities become endless. This just shows the latest technologies are turning us into robots, and potentially we are becoming too reliant on this technology. So, it won’t be long before we start seeing people hotline blinging on the streets.


Too Many Acronyms

HD, LCD, OLED, 4k, HDR, LED UDH… The endless mass of acronyms within the TV market can be quite overwhelming for the consumer market, especially those who are not as tech savvy as others. The cryptic code that some people see next to the TV that they’re about to purchase can be off putting, intimidating and just plain confusing. So, Sony are looking into ways to simplify this for the consumer market. Sony’s chief executive says his firm must do more to help consumers get to grips with a mass of TV tech acronyms. Kazuo Hirai made the pledge the day after announcing the firm’s first 4K OLED screen, which he said supported two kinds of HDR. Through this, consumers would easily be able to identify the benefits of the acronyms and understand what they are and which is best for them, rather than shy away and not be confident in what they are buying.

Best of the Rest

Who likes folding clothes? Anyone? I thought not. But have no fear, there is now a robot that folds your clothes for you. A clothes-folding robot that has been in development for more than a decade is about to go on sale. So, don’t worry mums, you’ll have more time to for that important cuppa now. Another chapter of the ongoing VR story is a flight kit that the BBC describes as turning slobs into superman. Video gaming has traditionally been a sedentary activity. But a start-up has created a virtual reality contraption that simulates flight while giving players a tough workout. So, not only a fun thrill but also a little something that gets you fitter. Turning them couch potatoes into flying couch potatoes. Also, in the world of unorthodox tech, we have found a car with a garden growing inside… no lie. An electric car at the CES tech show has taken its eco-friendly credentials to a new extreme. The concept self-driving vehicle has a small garden growing inside. I guess you might be thinking that the garden has something to do with the eco-friendly nature of the car… nope. Believe it or not the garden is there to make the car smell nice with natural scents. You really think it can’t get any more unorthodox, but as you have seen in the previous digests, it really can.

Overall, CES 2017 has been a showcase if some fantastic new tech. VR and AR are still keeping the rise going as there is a lot of focus on gaming, with new TVs, VR gaming systems and smart speaker systems. However, there has also been a significant rise in the number of smart devices that can be used domestically. These new gadgets show just how technology is changing our lives and how we are becoming very reliant on these new technologies to carry things out for us. Smart beds for a better night sleep, smart hairbrush to detect damaged hair, smart toothbrush to see the areas we are missing, smart jeans to give us directions and even a smart bin to keep a track of what we’re throwing away. But if one thing took the main stage at CES 2017 was the rise if the automotive industry. Some of the revolutionary concepts we have seen being implemented on cars has been jaw dropping. Self-driving cars are soon going to be in fruition, as well as the world’s fastest electric cars, cars with a drone launch pad and even a car with a garden. So, 2017 may be a big year for car tech, so keep an eye out on what big companies such as BMW, Ford, Tesla and even Future Faraday are doing this year, and then gawk at the eye watering prices that they’ll be available for.

Therefore, that concludes our digest for CES 2017. We hope that it has been an enjoyable and informative read for you guys. We also hope that this has helped you get a rough outlook on what to expect this year and that you are just as excited as we are for some of these releases. I personally can’t wait to get a smart bin for my house, it’s all just fantastic and shows the extent that these tech companies go to better our lives. As well as the rise of many exciting start-ups, there is a lot to look forward to in 2017.

Thanks for reading.



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