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12th November 2018

Its that time of year when life gets just that bit busier, whether it’s end of year deadlines at work, Christmas parties and meet-ups socially or hitting the shops or your phone to get your Christmas shopping done. It’s easy in the midst of this whirlwind of to-do lists and festive activities to forget about everyday routines in the home and how life can be made just that bit easier.

If you already have MiHome products installed in your home you will be familiar with the MiHome app that enables you to control your heating, lighting or security products remotely through geofencing, triggers and time scheduling. But for those of you who prefer not to use a device to control their MiHome products, and are looking for something inhouse to make home life more efficient, then the MiHome Click is the perfect solution.

Read on to find out how MiHome Click can help you to relax this Winter.

Christmas smart home house

1. Control your Christmas lights and make savings with one click

MiHome Click enables you to control all your lighting with just one click. So on those dark weary evenings before you go to bed, rather than have to switch every single light off in your house simply use the Click to switch all your lights off in one go including the Christmas Tree and those outdoor flashing Reindeer lights! Not only will you save time but you’ll also save money on your energy bills at what can be for some the most expensive time of year.

2. Make your home safe with a click by the door

The number of fires in the home in the UK peak in the month of November, according to the Home Office fire statistics report, with 498 fires alone just in that one month. MiHome Click is the perfect solution to avoiding leaving on those hair straighteners when you leave the house. Simply place your click by the door and with a click of the button you can ensure any of your products are switched off as you leave.

3. Keep calm with a click!

There’s nothing worse than having to get out of bed in the colder months to turn the lights on in the morning and get the kettle on. Place the MiHome Click next to your bed and you will never have to again! What’s more the Click offers three functions — a single click, a double click and a long hold – enabling you to control individual or groups of MiHome products. One of our MiHome Click customers uses a single click for their beside light, the double click to change the temperature of their radiator so they can turn up the heating before they get out of bed and the long hold to turn on their immersion heater for 20 minutes to get it warmed up ready for their morning bath.

So you can have a whole house smart solution for your lighting, heating and more to make life warmer, comfier and more convenient.

MiHome Click is available from all good retailers including and Screwfix.

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