The clocks go back this Sunday but have you thought about your home security?

23rd October 2018


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When the clocks go back the days become shorter and the nights longer. But have you thought about extra measures to keep your home secure from crime during these darker nights?

The end of British Summertime and the clocks going back sees a rise in house burglaries of up to 20% according to Aviva. But why do the clocks going back increase the chances of your home being burgled? Longer periods of darkness give intruders that extra bit of cover, particularly if your property is secluded or you have plants or fences in your garden which they can hide behind.

Currently only 1 in 5 homes in the UK takes extra measures to make their home more secure for the Autumn and Winter months. To help you find out how you can make your own home more secure,read our top tips based upon MiHome customer experiences to using our most popular smart home products to keep your home safe.

  • Integrate your MiHome Motion Sensor with MiHome lights to ward off burglars

Ever thought about how you can secure your home without spending a fortune when you’re out enjoying the Autumn festivities such as Halloween or Bonfire Night?

One MiHome customer does just this by attaching his MiHome Smart Motion Sensor to just outside his front door outside to trigger his MiHome light switches inside. As the MiHome Smart Motion Sensor is battery operated it can be installed anywhere around the home.

A great way to ward off burglars and keep your home safe on those dark wintry evenings. Alternatively use timers to control your outside light by using your MiHome Motion Sensor to switch the outside light on at set times when it gets dark at night and again in the morning to make your home extra secure whilst you are asleep.


  • Keep track on visitors to your home using MiHome Smart Door & Window Open Sensor

Receive alerts to your smartphone when a door or window is opened in your home or even set up alerts via the app when drawers, cupboards, medicine cabinets or safes have been opened.

One of our MiHome customers has stuck their MiHome Smart Door and Window Open Sensor to their front door, with the 3m tape and screwfixing kit it comes with, to keep track of what time their children get in from school and if anyone else enters the building, from push notifications to their phone scheduled through the MiHome app.

Sometimes burglars are not necessarily strangers to your home. In fact, 34% of burglars enter through your front door and some of them have keys! One of our MiHome customers, concernedabout household items going missing from their home,has fitted the sensorto a cupboard containing expensive jewellery and valuables, so they will know if their cleaner has attempted to open it.


Alternatively fit the sensorsto your doors and windows so you can quickly check using your MiHome app on your phone or laptop, if they are open or closed.

These are all great ways to use the MiHome Smart Door and Window Open Sensorto give added security both inside and outside the home and most importantly, you the peace of mind that your home and loved ones are safe.

We hope this MiHome article helps you to secure your home for the darker nights and festivities ahead but if you need any further support with making your home smarter this season then please get in touch with us: mailto:[email protected] or contact us onFacebookorTwitter

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