Energenie and The Echo

22nd November 2016

Alexa logo

The Amazon Echo is a voice control device that allows you to use your voice to speak to Alexa (the Echo’s internal voice system) and command different controls related to your surroundings.

In the light of the recent launch of the Amazon Echo, Energenie are delighted to announce that we will be teaming up with Amazon, to make our MiHome products compatible with Alexa. You can now use your voice to talk to Alexa to control your Energenie products. By hooking your MiHome Gateway up to the Echo, you can now make your smart home even more smarter and it will continue to get even smarter with the Echo’s ability to automatically and continually update through the cloud. This will make it learn new skills and features related to your home.

This is a very exciting collaboration for us and we hope to expand the MiHome brand even further, increasing the range’s potential. This follows our collaboration with Google with our smart radiator valves now compatible with the Google Nest. Through these integrations, Energenie are teaming up with the heavyweights to improve the potential of MiHome and its products.

For more information about the Amazon Echo, please visit the following link:


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