Energenie Select Gem as Exclusive UK Distribution Partner

31st May 2012

GemEnergenie’s business philosophy is based on providing products for customers that are convenient, save money and importantly help to reduce energy consumption. The company’s current product range includes a variety of energy and time saving solutions from the Standby Saver to more innovative products such as the Power Management System which enables the user to programme controlled sockets via a computer interface that can be switched off at pre-determined times. Recent additions include a remote controlled retrofit Smart Radiator Valve offering three daily programmable options and Remote GSM Controlled Power Socket which can be switched off and on via a mobile phone and advises of power loss. This is particularly useful for solving remote router problems and where remote locations loose power.

As the market becomes more eco-aware, the necessity for Gem to provide energy saving products is ever increasing. With their diversified and specialist portfolio, Energenie’s products will compliment a great number of consumer electronics already available from Gem as they develop in the UK.

“We’re delighted to working with Gem Distribution” says Oliver Tadd, Commercial Manager at Energenie. “With our designs and innovation and Gem’s clear leading position in the retail distribution sector this partnership deal will be spearhead our push into the UK retail sector.”

Philip Munro, Head of Business Development for Gem comments “Being recognised for developing innovative products at competitive prices, we’re delighted that Energenie have selected Gem as their exclusive UK distribution partner and have given us the opportunity to represent their brand. The synergy between Gem and Energenie creates a compelling proposition for our partners and we’re excited to see what the future holds for this collaboration”

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