Energenie Works with Nest to Deliver Comfort in Every Room

14th October 2016


Energenie’s Works With Nest Integration Brings the Nest Learning Thermostat to Mi|Home System

Energenie, creators of the Mi|Home system has announced it has joined the Works With Nest developer program, bringing the ease of the Nest Learning Thermostat’s advanced learning algorithms to MiHome heating control. Energenie’s Mi|Home system is now an official Works With Nest product.

Connecting Energenie’s Radiator Valves with the Nest Learning Thermostat means the radiator in each room can take advantage of the thermostat’s automatic scheduling. All rooms fitted with Energenie’s Radiator Valve will automatically heat to the temperature set by the Nest Thermostat, or alternatively users can take individual control of each radiator via the Mi|Home app if desired.

Nest Home/Away Assist allows users of Energenie’s Radiator Valves to save even more energy effortlessly. When the Nest Thermostat detects you are away, all your radiators can take the lead of your thermostat and reduce their target temperature.

Users of Energenie’s Mi|Home app gain convenient access to control over key features of their Nest Thermostat, such as target temperature and Nest’s Home or Away, directly in the Mi|Home app.

“We’re excited to combine the energy saving potential and comfort in every room delivered by Energenie’s Radiator Valves with the magical ease of use of the Nest Thermostat.”

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