How to Integrate Tech Into Your Kitchen Design

22nd March 2018

Guest blog from Adam Hope @ Tiles Direct


From intuitive apps and devices that help us to stay connected and organised at all times to clever energy and time-saving gadgets such as the Mi|Home, technology has become an integral part of our everyday lives. But, when it comes to home interior design, finding the perfect balance between fashion and function where technology’s concerned can be a challenge – especially in kitchens where technology is becoming increasingly commonplace.

In today’s post, we’re giving you a helping hand when it comes to styling out a tech-filled kitchen with ease, seamlessly integrating technology into your design – leaving you with a kitchen that looks as cutting-edge as the technology found inside.

Opt for dark tones

It used to be that standard kitchen appliances only came in one colour: white. Today, fridges, washing machines, cookers and more are available in an array of different finishes – and a popular choice is often metallic. However, metallic appliances can easily look out of place if they’re not paired with the right colours – so if you want to create a sleek and stylish finish from top to bottom, why not consider using darker tones in your kitchen design?

From classic black and slate grey to rich aubergine, burgundy, navy and even dark wood, kitchen units, worktops and kitchen wall tiles in darker tones will beautifully complement metallic surfaces – framing appliances and creating a unified aesthetic.

Integrate to integrate


Of course, not everyone wants their appliances to take centre stage in their kitchen design, and investing in integrated appliances cleverly concealed behind cupboard door fronts could offer the perfect solution. With technology tucked away out of sight, you can benefit from having a plethora of appliances and gadgets close to hand, while achieving a chic, minimalistic design that oozes contemporary style.

You can even take it a step further with smart home technology like the Mi|Home Gateway that seamlessly integrates technology within your kitchen design – making life simpler all round. Fully integrated with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, control key functions in your kitchen with just your voice with Mi|Home Light Switches and Sockets that connect to the Gateway’s central hub. With integrated technology that works for you, high-tech kitchens can do so much more – simply ask Alexa to switch the lights on or boil the kettle as you enter the room.

Let lights do the talking

Lighting is an essential design element for any room, delivering on the practical and aesthetic fronts – but when it comes to tech-filled kitchens, your lighting can do so much more than illuminate and create ambience. With the right illumination, you can make your kitchen lights a feature within their own right, working to accentuate your innovative kitchen kit and, ultimately, project a state-of-the-art overall finish, especially with Mi|Home Light Switches that you can activate remotely.

From energy-efficient downlights on the ceiling and above worktops to smart floor-level LED strips and high-impact pendants, choosing attention-grabbing lights that evoke the theme of innovation will create a real talking point when paired with your technology.

Keep things simple

In an area that’s packed full of crockery, cookware and food, not to mention appliances and gadgets, it can be tricky to accommodate everything – but one of the obvious benefits of using a lot of kitchen tech is to make things easier – saving time and effort. So, with this in mind, to successfully marry technology into your new kitchen, it’s wise to be mindful of keeping your design simple and streamlined – allowing your technology to come to the fore.By minimising worktop clutter with clever storage solutions and compact, built-in tech that fully utilises space and keeps everything in its rightful place, you can maximise your kitchen’s efficiency and ease of use – allowing your technology to work better for you in the process, too.

Kitchen technology is continuously evolving to make everyday tasks easier and more efficient, especially with the rise of home automation technology – but embracing technology doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style. With these ideas, we hope you’ll be armed with plenty of inspiration to design a cutting-edge kitchen that beautifully combines aesthetic excellence with the latest tech innovations.


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