Survey reveals smart home customers are most concerned about price

23rd May 2019

A new survey conducted by MiHome reveals that when it comes to smart home, affordability is the biggest key factor in attracting new customers to buy smart home products, with 46% of participants reporting ‘price’ as their biggest concern above concerns over loss of privacy and technology being hacked. The survey also highlighted that value for money is ranked as one of the top benefits of purchasing MiHome for their connected homes, with 53% selecting affordability as their top ranked reason for purchasing MiHome.

MiHome invited thousands of its customers who all had registered MiHome Gateways to take part in the survey, to get a better understanding of their customers wants in order to satisfy their needs and guide future product development.

When asked in the survey to select benefits customers would link to MiHome, top of the list for most consumers included voice control compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Home (67%), easy to set up (61%), the affordability of MiHome versus other brands (53%), saving energy and money off bills (38%), the convenience of saving time (34%), the affordability of MiHome versus other brands (53%) and a living aid for assisted living (20%).

Among the most popular products cited in the survey were MiHome Smart Sockets, MiHome Smart Plugs, MiHome Light Switches, MiHome Smart Radiator Valves and MiHome Smart Sensors.

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