ChargeGenie 2000


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If you're tired of your Android or Windows phone running out of power when you're out and about, you need the Energenie Chargegenie 2000 to help give you extra charge while you're on the go.

Uniquely, it uses gel packs to attach to the back of your device – all you need to do is attach the charger's micro-USB to your handset, press it on and it's attached.

With some of the bigger phones on the market like the Samsung S4 or note, it can actually make them fit better into your hand so they're easier to use. It also comes with a handy kickstand too, so you can watch videos or read text in landscape mode while you're charging.

The Chargegenie provides over 2000mAh to significantly increase your battery's life – while all Android and Windows devices are different, you'll get at least a 60 per cent boost and possibly up to a charge-and-a-half of additional power by having the device attached.

You can see how much charge is left by the lights on the back of the attachment, so you shouldn't ever get caught out, and recharging the Energenie Chargegenie 2000 only takes a couple of hours of being attached to a computer or wall socket.

The great thing about the ChargeGenie is that unlike charge sleeves you can keep your phone case on while you use it and you don’t have messy tangled wires to deal with like you do with a traditional powerbank.

Get yours today and give your Android phone extra power on the go. 

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