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If you're going on a long journey or know that you're not going to be able to charge your iPhone5/5s/5c for a while, you can put your mind at rest with the Energenie ChargeGenie Lightning charger.

It securely sticks to the back of your iPhone5/5s/5c using gel pads and the built-in Lightning connector attaches into the socket at the bottom of your device, just as a charger attached to a plug socket or computer would.

The ChargeGenie boosts the iPhone's charge by one-and-a-half times, meaning that if a charge generally lasts from when you wake up until when you go to bed, with the charger attached, it'll last through the following day and up to around lunch on the third day.

With a series of lights on the back to show you how much charge is left on the ChargeGenie, you won't be caught short and when it's time to charge the charger, it should only take a couple of hours of being attached to a computer, laptop or wall charger.

The great thing about the ChargeGenie is that unlike charge sleeves you can keep your phone case on while you use it and you don’t have messy tangled wires to deal with like you do with a traditional powerbank.

Get your Energenie LightningGenie today and give your iPhone extra power on the go.

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