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Hi, I’m Doug Vears, I’m the Technical manager here at Energenie.

Today I’m going to introduce you to the Energenie mobile phone controlled socket.


This piece of kit  allows you to remotely control a

power socket using just your mobile phone. Plug any appliance with a standard UK plug into the

socket and you can switch it on and off remotely using the text messaging facility of your phone.

(tight MS Doug) So how do you install it and get it working?

Well installation and set-up is simple using the step-by-step guide that comes with your socket. You

will need any 2G  Pay-as-you-go SIM card which you can get from a high street retailer

or from the internet. Insert the SIM card into the back of the unit and it is ready to use. 


You should first ensure that the location you will install the socket can receive a good GSM signal

from the service provider for the SIM card before you attempt to use the socket.

So, plug the socket into a powered mains wall socket. (CU to installation of socket) You should see the

green indicator light illuminate and the blue light should also flash for about 20 seconds or so and

then stay constantly O. The unit is establishing a GSM connection which will allow it to communicate

via text messaging. The unit also has an on/off switch which you can use to turn the socket off it is not

going to be used for a period of time.

All settings for the device can be adjusted from a mobile phone using simple character sequences

from the SMS texting service. 

The socket can be set up to receive commands from one master user number and up to 4 additional

restricted-use user numbers. However, whenever the status of the socket changes, a text will be

always sent to the master number so you always know whether it is on or off or even if it has lost

power completely say due to a power cut. Just ensure you keep the PAYG SIM card topped up.

The socket also comes with a temperature sensor which you can insert into the unit like this.

 This will allow the unit to measure the air temperature and you can set it up 

to switch on or off when a chosen temperature is measured. It has modes to work with cooling or

heating equipment.

The socket also has an internal time of-day clock and internal timer which allows you to set up on/off

switching programmes based on date and time.

The SMS socket has already been installed in both domestic and commercial environments where

cost saving, high performance and reliable operation are paramount. These include residential

homes,  shops and other commercial properties.

We love to get feedback from customers about our products so please do get in touch. We’d love to

hear from you.

Thanks for watching: this has been Doug from Energenie.

Be Safe, Be Green, Be Happy! 

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