Energenie Power Management System.


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Hi, I’m Doug Vears, I’m the Technical manager here at Energenie.

Today I’m going to introduce you to the (CU product) Energenie Power Management System.


This piece of kit (brief CU product) is a 6-way extension lead which you can control from your computer.

4 of the sockets can be switched under computer control for convenience and no less important to

switch off equipment wasting energy that has been left ON.

There are a wide variety of applications that are already using the PMS such as . (brief CU to images)

refrigeration systems, air conditioning and heating systems, lighting and security, aquarium and

terrarium control, video monitor switching, saunas and hot tubs, fans, pumps and numerous others.

So how do you install and operate the PMS.Let me show you how simple it is. (CU to installation video )

Plug the PMS into a wall socket and connect it to a USB socket on your computer using the cable

supplied. Switch the PMS on at the wall and switch the rocker switch on the unit to ON.

Now insert the CD containing the managing software into the drive of your computer and follow the

instructions that appear on your screen to install the software. After a successful installation a small

icon will appear in your system Tray. Double clicking on this con will launch the software (CU to screen

showing this operation)

The 4 managed sockets in the middle can then be individually programmed to switch on and off to

meet you particular requirements. The lamp adjacent to each socket will switch on and off as the PMS

is controlled. (CU to screen)

Switching may be as simple as clicking on the screen icon or using a keyboard key OR by registering

with particular computer system events such as printing to a particular printer.

The device may also be switched under program control and by setting up its internal timers allowing .

it to be disconnected from the computer and used elsewhere. (CU to various set up screens)

The 4 sockets may also be switched off using the rocker switch. The unit has other safety features

such as surge protection for spikes and surges on the mains input as well as a resettable circuit

breaker to protect against high current and short circuit. (CU show unit side)

For advanced users there also is a manageable socket alarm feature (CU alarm screen)

and the ability to set the unit up as a shared resource connected to your for access by remote users

and their applications. Here you see the set up screen to set your unit as a network resource. (CU to

set up screen)

There is also a facility to fine tune the internal timers

And to let you switch the sockets from your own applications the following command line interface

syntax is supported:

We love to get feedback from customers about our products so please do get in touch. We’d love to

hear from you.

Thanks for watching: this has been Doug from Energenie.

Be Safe, Be Green, Be Happy! 

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