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Hi, I’m Doug Vears, I’m the Technical manager here at Energenie.

Today I’m going to introduce you to the Energenie Power Meter.

This piece of kit  helps you lower your energy bill and reduce carbon emissions. 


You can use this Energenie Power Meter to discover which appliances are the worst energy offenders

and then work out ways to limit their use.

 So how does it work? 

To set up the Power Meter you simply insert the batteries and, press any button to bring up the


The unit allows you to set up a current time, maximum energy overload and two energy prices in Kilo

Watts per hour (KWh) to match the tariffs as indicated on your electricity bill. It also allows you to

choose the energy price to display in 1 of the 3 currencies. 

Now you can plug it in to your chosen wall socket, and plug the appliance you want to monitor into the

Power Meter.

By pressing the ENERGY button  will cause the display to cycle through

instantaneous values of overload power » power » voltage » frequency » current » power factor »

max power » min power

By pressing the COST button (CU cutaway of action) will cause the display to cycle through values of

accumulated energy » accumulated carbon footprint » energy price setting 1 » energy price setting 2

 » accumulated cost

By pressing the CLOCK button  will switch the display between clocks and

accumulate time,  and  the accumulate timer is very smart; it will

stop when your appliance is switched off; and start rolling again when the appliance is on.

If you change any of the appliance plugged in, it is advisable to reset the Energenie Power Meter to its factory

setting by simply pressing the red RESET button here with something sharp for a few seconds until the display

went off and flash on again. And then repeat the set up procedure as previously describe.

We love to get feedback from customers about our products so please do get in touch. We’d love to

hear from you.

Thanks for watching: this has been Doug from Energenie.

Be Safe, Be Green, Be Happy! 

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